Which areas do we provide concepts for?

There are endless applications for our concept drawings as anything that can be designed on a mac can be drawn even quicker! Our team are ready to draw up your concepts for: Advertising campaigns, tv commercials, digital, apps, branding, packaging design, Direct mail, Point of sale, posters and literature.

We can produce different levels of finish from purely scamping something out for quick approvals to producing a high quality colour digital visual to drop into your presentation.

If required we will also offer full creative support to your company. Our Art Director can respond to your specific brief with fantastic creative concepts and solutions, either hand drawn or through a full colour mac presentation.

In 2005 Lee Playle had the idea of setting up a concept drawing service that could provide Scamps for people who needed their concepts professionally drawn for pitches and presentations. This traditional style of presenting ideas and concepts is a great way for a client to quickly ‘get an idea’ without being too focused on details or having the expense of creating a full mac presentation. Currently there seems to be a lack of young art directors or creative directors in the industry that can draw up there own ideas, consequently the Scamp Factory can revive and fill that gap in concept drawing skills.

If you are an advertising or design agency that is ‘fresh out’ ideas for a pitch, or a marketing company that needs a range of concept design ideas drawing to a professional standard, we can give you a fast and efficient service that can save your clients money.

If you need concepts drawings or ideas, please call for a free quotation:

020 3290 7309

or email lee@scampfactory.com

Or Call direct: Lee Playle 020 3290 7309