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On a pitch or presentation, professional event visuals can be the difference between yes & no, win or lose.

Let me bring your event visual to life. Talk to me about your brief and I’ll craft lighting and mood, add display branding and ensure every element and detail is covered.

Need a quick pencil sketch to show an event layout? No problem. I do everything from the rough, to the highly finished colour digital smooth.

See event visuals I created for Red Bull, TRESemme, Coca Cola and Johnnie Walker, then get in touch.

Bringing your event concept to life!

The importance of showing an exciting event visual concept to your clients eyes can be crucial to a successful outcome.

We listen carefully to your event specifications, as we believe that briefing is the key part in creating your vision.

Our experienced artists can illustrate beautifully your event visual with specific branding and logos and all of the features you require.

Whether you require a very quick pencil sketch to summarise positioning of elements or a highly finished colour digitally enhanced event visual we can deliver a slick and quick turnaround.

If you would like to discuss an event visual, please call Lee Playle for a free quotation:

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